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We are Washington State's first online public school, specializing in building lasting relationships with our students and delivering rigorous courses.

We are a complete K-12 school affiliated with the Federal Way School District. Enrollment is open to every Washington State family.


iA is funded by Washington State’s Public Education system.  Request a nonresident student transfer from your home district and pay no out-of-pocket tuition.

Learn more about this process from the WA Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction or contact us.




Grades K-12  
Full-time scholars may enroll in up to 6 courses (3 credits) and graduate with a WA State High School diploma. iA can be blended with Running Start in high school.


Grades 9-12 & Homeschool
Take 1 or more classes at iA & the rest at a building school or home school program. We're flexible and tuition-free* within state funding parameters. *Minimum of 0.2 FTE release required per course


Scholars living out of state or who are enrolled full-time in another school can pay per course. Tuition is $345 per full-length .5 credit semester course.

*Students residing outside of Federal Way Public School District boundaries must have a student transfer approved by the resident school district for free tuition. This is also referred to as an out-of-district agreement, inter-district transfer, choice transfer, variance or waiver. An FTE transfer of 0.20 per course required.

A Message from Principal Lynn Herink




  • Seeking home-based learning organized and provided by state-certified educators.
  • Wanting greater involvement with their child's learning.
  • Looking for more flexibility to create their own learning schedule than traditional schooling.
  • Are comfortable (or willing to learn!) using computers and technology.


  • Seeking individualized learning & tailored support from their teachers. 
  • Self-starters who enjoy creating their own schedules & managing their own time. 
  • Working through social and emotional issues and seeking an organized educational experience in the comfort of their own home. 
  • Needing flexibility in their school days as they pursue personal interests, travel, or athletic potential. 
  • Working slightly below their grade level, at their grade level or beyond grade level.


IA blends synchronous (at the same time) and asynchronous (on your own time) learning.

  • Asynchronous assignments, quizzes and assessments are online and available anytime for families to create a more flexible learning schedule. 
  • Grades K-5 have required Zooms each school day, 9-10:30 a.m. plus specialists.
  • Grades 6-12 have required Zooms in Advisory on Monday & Friday at 9 a.m. plus one required Zoom per class, per week.
  • Families who are unable to meet Zoom attendance requirements may request an attendance accommodation.
  • Teachers are available to answer questions through messaging, phone and Zoom meetings.

Families should supply their own computer and internet access.

Learn more about computer and internet recommendations on the system requirements page

Learning time requirements:

27.75 hours per week or 5.5 hours a day of synchronous and asynchronous learning is required.

Family Participation:

To help with learning support and communication, parents, guardians and coaches have accounts on two websites:

  • A Canvas Observer account is used to view progress, grades and communicate with teachers.
  • An ALE App account is used to receive and acknowledge monthly progress reports.

the learning coach

During enrollment, you'll identify a home-based learning coach. This coach could be a parent, relative, or close family friend involved in the student's daily life and will assist with the asynchronous lessons. The level of support required from the learning coach will vary based on the student's age, skills, and abilities. Support may involve tasks like explaining instructions, submitting assignments, using educational apps, addressing technical problems, and helping the student stay focused.